What is Chamber Psych music?

What is Chamber Psych music?

I’m going to level with you. After scouring through the internet, I don’t think anyone actually knows. It’s no secret that Spotify are now pioneering a number of made-up musical genres, and perhaps over time, the pattern of chamber psyche music will become more refined and easily recognisable.

For the most part, I think that artists such as Nadine Shah, Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey, Bat For Lashes, Anna B Savage, Joan As Police Woman, She Drew The Gun, Warpaint, Modern Woman and Squid could plausibly share a pattern of musical similarities; all are arguably a little bit on the trippy side – some more than others – with a quirky use of instrumentation, often with angular qualities associated with numerous other music genres; post punk, art pop, art rock, world music, disco beat, jazz and/or psychedelia. Chamber Psyche songs may also share similarities of spacey-atmospheric or ambient vibes; vocally expressive and free of inhibition.

It might be worth noting that some of my favourite female-lead bands and artists have been included in the genre of chamber psyche music according to Spotify.

Other bands such as Lancashire minimalist punk band, the lovely eggs seem to fit that pattern less obviously, although I suppose there is an undeniable trippy vibe with some of their songs (with the use of sitar in Allergies etc)

I can’t help but wonder… why not Belle & Sebastian or Arcade Fire – who are both included in nearby chamber pop / baroque pop indie genres, and who would seem match many of the songs artists included in the chamber psych genre? Some of Belle and Sebastian’s back catalogue is arguably not a million miles away – vibe-wise – from Super Furry Animals or Django Django with their brass and general bop.

The most confusing-act-of-all award found within Spotify’s chamber psyche artist list must surely go to…. Daphne and Celeste (I kid you not) – who I can only assume must’ve been included as some sort of in-joke with the actual humans responsible for the inner workings of Spotify and everynoise.com – a prank on those of us who are trying to decipher and make sense of the connection between all music associated with the chamber Psyche genre according to spotify.

Given that the Chamber Psyche music genre on a whole seems to began as a very broad and a rather vague, seemingly pattern-less genre, with Sleaford Mods, Kate Bush, The Doves and Teenage Fanclub having previously been associated from the genre and since excluded from it, it’s maybe not that surprising when you read what the internet has to say on the matter…

Below are some of my personal highlights on the subject of Chamber Psych Music found online….

Nadine Shah’s silent and unspoken reaction to being included in the Chamber Music Genre, (according to Spotify’s Wrapped) followed by many hilarious follow up tweets from fans along on the lines of, “I love chamber music. Who knew? What actually is it though?”

Chamber Psych Artists On Spotify

Warpaint, Squid, Du blonde, She drew the gun, John grant, Nadine shah, Anna calvi, Pj Harvey, Bat for lashes, Anna b savage, Joan as police woman, Rhys gruff, The big moon, The Brian Jonestown massacre, Porridge radio, Shearwater, Super furry animals, Alabaster deplume, Hannah peel, The anchoress, Goat girl, Katheryne Joseph, Fat white family, Beth orton, Gaz coombes, Lampshop, Bambara, Kate le bon, Django Django, Lamp chop, Peaness

Chamber Psych On Spotify

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