Girl From Winter Jargon  /ɡəːl/ /frɒm,frəm/ /ˈwɪntə/ /ˈdʒɑːɡ(ə)n/
1. who or what is girl from winter jargon?

Girl From Winter Jargon, The Green Room, Stockton

Girl From Winter Jargon, The Green Room, Stockton

“If I were called upon to distil my visceral response to Girl From Winter Jargon, it would be “me too.” ‘Without Apology,’ drags me, at my late age and pushes me back in time into inner writhings that I’d rather forget; back through all those feelings of both desiring and loving someone enough to both adore them and wish them into non-existence – enough to want to put it on some kind of flag. I think we’re at a point, as women, in the midst of the turmoil of many people not just wanting, but needing to express their experiences and emotions about love, loss, desire, fear – that it all begs the question of what it is to be a woman.

Maybe the better question is: what’s the best way of being a human?

One definite answer would be to pack everything you feel – longing, love, shame, rage, wonder – all in one little package of art.
But it’s not enough to belch it out – we’re all numb from too much entertainment and too much music.

It has to be a jewel box of a song – a jewel box loaded with a jack-knife instead of a ballerina – a voice that carries you into experiences of pain you’d rather forget, but so beautifully – that you’re forced to listen. I might forget that my spirit bears such strange-fruit if not for the rich, natural, but tortured swoop of Rachel’s voice; the unforced rubato insistence; the hard, ringing bell-strokes of her guitar.

This is what art is – it buffets you, and pains in a way that leaves you both wrung, and somewhat bruised, but also grateful, and wanting more – like love itself – even hard love.”

Dominique Sherter 
(Daughter of French Concert Pianist – Annie Marchand Sherter (1935-2015) )
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Girl From Winter Jargon’s Without Apology (Official Video) Featuring Katheryne Penny.


North East England Indie Artist and Multi-instrumentalist, “Girl From Winter Jargon,” has written a Permanent Wave ballad, loosely based on the pupil-teacher dynamic from Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda.’

Receiving tips and praise from BBC North East & BBC 6 Music – ‘Matilda’ is a ballad of fierce loyalty and sisterhood solidarity, exploring the intense energy and connection between two characters rising beyond limitations to protect one another. Put simply, Matilda is a song about having someone’s back.

“[Matilda] is very much the daylight… specifically that golden hour where the light falls just right and everything looks glorious. A more laid-back affair with a much slower tempo, it’s a gorgeous song that calls to mind, among other things, The Bends-era Radiohead. Its gentle atmospherics and shimmering arpeggios gradually build in the manner of something like Fake Plastic Trees, with the dialled-back arrangement carving out acres of space for the vocal to take centre stage. Again it’s an interesting lyric – based on the Roald Dahl story – and the delivery is exquisite, in equal parts vulnerable and searingly powerful.” – I Said Yeah! 

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“A great singer and a virtuoso guitarist who is really relaxed and comfortable in her own skin; she really, really was exciting and definitely original onstage.”

– Vic Galloway, BBC 6 & BBC Scotland

“Nuance-rich vocals combine with stand-alone electric guitar, live looping layers and strange, spooky noises. Girl From Winter Jargon is talent & art personified and one of the best things you’ll see, ever.”

– David Saunders –  (Tees Music Alliance)