“A great singer and a virtuoso guitarist who is really relaxed and comfortable in her own skin. I saw her at the Songs From Northern Britain Festival; she really, really was exciting and definitely original onstage.”

– Vic Galloway, BBC 6 /BBC Scotland

“She is a great songwriter, great guitarist, great singer and she also owns a 25 year old pet dove. I mean, it’s all win-win really isn’t it?”
Bob Fischer, BBC Tees

“A jewel box loaded with a jack-knife instead of a ballerina – a voice that carries you into experiences of pain you’d rather forget, but so beautifully – that you’re forced to listen. This is what art is – it buffets you, and pains in a way that leaves you both wrung, and somewhat bruised, but also grateful, and wanting more – like love itself – even hard love.”

Dominique Sherter – Daughter of French Concert Pianist, Annie Marchand Sherter (1935-2015) – Without Apology Review

“When you first hear Girl From Winter Jargon you take a deep breath and lament; your own poor singing voice and how you barely mastered power chords at all. Then you shake your head
and just soak in the phenomenal songwriting and intense performance that almost makes music a solid and physical thing. Once described as ‘the female Jeff Buckley’ she is Durham’s own Girl from Winter Jargon”

Win Big Records – (County Durham Record Label)

“We fell in love with her music on first listen. The looping atmospherics that are made to look so natural and simple with her dominating vocal range reminiscent of a ‘Siné’ Jeff Buckley.”

Sad For Life Records – (Teesside based Independent Record Label and Events Team)

“Without Apology runs the gamut of musical influences and styles that have been left to meander without intrusion from outside scenes or trends. It stands for and by itself, an introspective take on personal experience inside a catchy, upbeat and sprawling arrangement of guitar and clarinet. Without Apology is an impressive and intricately organised track, weaving between idiosyncratic bell-like layered guitars alongside the surprising addition of some slap bass. The final delivery arrives in the form of the climatic vocal and clarinet polyphony; rounds that urge the listener to discern each melody as they interweave. With the lyrics ranging from the sardonic and satirical to the contemplative, she describes it as a little note to yourself, of being brave in the face of uncertainty.”

Narc Magazine – (North East Music Magazine) – Without Apology Single Review

“Nuance rich vocals combine with stand-alone electric guitar, live looping layers and strange, spooky noises. Girl From Winter Jargon is talent & art personified and one of the best things you’ll see, ever.”

David Saunders –  (Tees Music Alliance / The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens / Goy Boy McIlroy)

“Durham-based solo indie rock, Girl From Winter Jargon uses intricate layers and intriguing effects combined with impressive vocal clout in Without Apology. Accompanied by clustered array of expertly picked guitars, Girl From Winter Jargon throws a satirical look at modern culture whilst neatly sidestepping clichés.”

Narc Magazine –  (North East Music Magazine) – Noisy Daughters Vinyl L.P Review

“Girl From Winter Jargon handles her guitar with more casual grace and precision than most people can manage to move their own arms; uses her voice like a fine instrument…”

Zarahruth –  (Folk singer-songwriter; composer of BBC Tees’ Song Of The Week with “Monster Food”)

“Girl From Winter Jargon is a fascinating alt-rock artist from Durham who certainly knows how to wield a guitar. Incorporating delay and EBow usage with live looping layers and eerie guitar noises, she certainly knows how to create a haunting atmosphere.”

 N.E Volume –  (North East Music and Culture Magazine, Gig Preview)

“[Without Apology is] a song that demands multiple listens to appreciate its entire spectrum but once you do, you’ll get hooked on its artistry. Very impressively, it builds up to a choir of layered vocals which makes its lyrics all the more powerful. With lines like: “I’m trying hard to be the best version of me while seething underneath”, it’s a song about being brave in the face of fear and uncertainty; about going on even when you’re not sure you can. It’s a debut that makes you wish for more.”

 N.E Volume –  (North East Music and Culture Magazine, Without Apology Review)