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“Are you ready for a masterclass in guitar?
Girl From Winter Jargon blew we away with this…”
 – Lee Hawthorn, BBC North East

Song For The Waves – Girl From Winter Jargon

“With its layers of intricate squealing guitar, slap bass, shattering glass, and spectral harmonies, Song for the Waves is an inventive and muscular beast with a healthy dark streak of self-referential humour running through the lyrics that confidently walk a line between earnestness and everyday vernacular. A couple of favourites include ‘You said you would never hear a happy song from me / I maintain that you were never listening properly‘ and ‘Judges judge you, counsellors counsel, teachers teach / Come and do the job that you signed up for / Make your mind up please’. It’s bold and impressive stuff, and for a song with a fairly dark sting in its tail, remarkably light.”
I Said Yeah!

Song For The Waves / Matilda was released exclusively on UK Independent Label, Butterfly Effect Records as a Double A-Side, Limited Edition 7″ lathe cut Vinyl, which included hand-made, lino printed artwork. (Sold Out) It was later made available on bandcamp as an E.P (Compact Disc Format) with the inclusion of Without Apology (Girl From Winter Jargon’s Debut Single)
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Matilda – Girl From Winter Jargon

“If Song for the Waves represents an oncoming twilight, then its companion piece, Matilda, is very much the daylight that balances it out; specifically that golden hour where the light falls just right and everything looks glorious. A more laid-back affair with a much slower tempo, it’s a gorgeous song that calls to mind, among other things, The Bends-era Radiohead. Its gentle atmospherics and shimmering arpeggios gradually build in the manner of something like Fake Plastic Trees, with the dialled-back arrangement carving out acres of space for the vocal to take centre stage. Again it’s an interesting lyric – based on the Roald Dahl story – and the delivery is exquisite, in equal parts vulnerable and searingly powerful. As with Song for the Waves, the arrangement and production are such that I’d advise you plug in a semi-decent pair of headphones, close your eyes, and let these songs carry you off somewhere.” – I Said Yeah!
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Without Apology – Girl From Winter Jargon

Listen to Without Apology & Without Apology (Instrumental Version) by Girl From Winter Jargon on Spotify

“Without Apology is an impressive and intricately organised track, weaving between idiosyncratic bell-like layered guitars alongside the surprising addition of some slap bass. It stands for and by itself, an introspective take on personal experience inside a catchy, upbeat and sprawling arrangement of guitar and clarinet. The final delivery arrives in the form of the climatic vocal and clarinet polyphony; rounds that urge the listener to discern each melody as they interweave. With the lyrics ranging from the sardonic and satirical to the contemplative, she [Girl From Winter Jargon] describes it as a little note to yourself, of being brave in the face of uncertainty.” – Lucy Adlington, NARC. Magazine

“[Without Apology is] a song that demands multiple listens to appreciate its entire spectrum but once you do, you’ll get hooked on its artistry. Very impressively, it builds up to a choir of layered vocals which makes its lyrics all the more powerful. With lines like: “I’m trying hard to be the best version of me while seething underneath”, it’s a song about being brave in the face of fear and uncertainty; about going on even when you’re not sure you can. It’s a debut that makes you wish for more.” – Laura Freyaldenhoven, N.E Volume Magazine

“Durham-based solo indie rock, Girl From Winter Jargon uses intricate layers and intriguing effects combined with impressive vocal clout in Without Apology. Accompanied by clustered array of expertly picked guitars, Girl From Winter Jargon throws a satirical look at modern culture whilst neatly sidestepping clichés.”  Narc Magazine –  (North East Music Magazine) – Noisy Daughters Vinyl L.P Review
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Without Apology was recorded exclusively for the Noisy Daughters 12″ Compilation LP via Butterfly Effect (released May 2019) and was later released as a single in its own right, available on compact disc single via bandcamp. (Sold out) The CD also featured three live radio session B side tracks from a BBC Introducing Session, performed live on BBC Tees in May 2019  The single gained recognition and airplay from many radio stations; BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape (with Tom Robinson) – BBC Scotland with Vic GallowayBBC Music Introducing on BBC Tees (Bob Fischer – Without Apology Track of the Week) – BBC Music Introducing in the North East show BBC Newcastle with Nick Roberts 

Listen to Without Apology by Girl From Winter Jargon on Spotify
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